Aspect Unified IP

Aspect Unified IP is a complete, software-based, unified platform that helps enterprise contact centres deliver remarkable customer experiences across every conversation and every channel – through a single, elegant software platform.

The solution brings all contact options together, in one place, on one platform, so informed and empowered agents can keep talking, typing and conversing.

At the same time, it minimises customer effort, providing a differentiated multichannel, multichoice customer experience across voice, email, web chat, IM and SMS.

Aspect EQ Performance Management

Aspect EQ Performance Management is a powerful framework for turning a multitude of data points into better decisions with KPI-based reports and dashboards, alerting and notification, and workflow automation.

Aspect Performance Management synthesises data across the contact centre and the enterprise at large – from routing systems, workforce management, quality management, customer records (CRM), and more.

It delivers role and user-based reports and dashboards that ensure alignment of contact centre activities with operational and strategic goals and includes a powerful workflow engine that automates key business processes based on KPI achievement.

Avaya Aura Experience Portal ( AEP )

Avaya Aura® Experience Portal is the latest major release of Avaya Voice Portal..

Avaya Aura Experience Portal provides organizations with a single point of orchestration of all automated voice and multimedia applications across inbound phone or video, as well as outbound, phone, email, or SMS applications.

Product Details:

     - Employ dynamic, real-time self-service treatments using Avaya Intelligent Customer Routing

     - Automate outbound services with Proactive Outreach Manager

     - Leverage existing web applications to create compelling, new services - all developed and managed on a single platform

     - Helps organizations cost effectively coordinate the use of their resources to deliver an exceptional customer experience

Avaya Aura Experience Portal supports SIP, IP, TDM, or mixed environments. It includes robust management, reporting, development, and virtualization capabilities to help organizations reduce costs and simplify operations.

Genesys PureCloud Engage

Cloud Contact Center

Empower your agents to truly engage with our customers.

Social media, FaceTime, WhatsApp: Modern customers have an endless array of ways to connect with one another. To keep them happy, you need to meet them where they are.

Genesys contact center software isn’t just multichannel. It’s a multimodal powerhouse, enabling you to keep customer information, agent reporting and queues in one holistic view, no matter what channel they are using—or how many they’re using at the same time.

Genesys Customer Interaction Center

On-Premise Contact Center

Customer Interaction Center is a unique all-in-one customer engagement solution built to support omnichannel customer service.

SJS Solutions Optymyse

Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology is the New way to excite contact centre agents!

Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology is a completely new way to Excite, Engage, Motivate and Retain your contact centre agents. It’s time to remove the stigma surrounding traditional contact centre wallboards and start giving agents the information and support they crave in a fresh new way.

Every 60 seconds a call centre in the UK loses an agent, why?

Often because of unnecessary levels of stress and disengagement. If you’ve failed to create engaging contact centre environments in the past it’s not your fault. There’s still a lot products out there which promote the display of call handling metrics in a dull, basic format so it’s confusing when these products do nothing good for agent morale. Thanks to Optymyse there’s a better way.

Happy employees are those who feel valued and empowered to demonstrate their full potential. Low agent engagement is often the by-product of having to perform the same task repeatedly without any way to visualise performance. Agents don’t care much for Call Handling Metrics so measuring them using numbers which are so detached from the reason they come to work is always going to result in dissatisfaction

So How Do You Secure Happy and Engaged Employees for Your Business?

It’s only by combining years of experience in contact centres with years of research into employee engagement and the use of Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Software that you can really start to enjoy the benefits of wallboards, and when designed correctly they are hugely powerful and influential. By using an intelligent mix of business metrics, self-development, and social inclusion, focused on the agents needs for Autonomy, Mastery and purpose Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology, gives agents the opportunity to re-engage with customers, colleagues and most importantly, your business. If you would like to stop your talented agents from leaving without giving them a pay rise